Wagawin is a Munich-based AdTech startup. They wanted a website that helped their sales team generate new leads. All design decisions were optimized for lead generation. 
The design of this website also coincided with a gentle brand refresh.
Homepage header: animated HTML infographic. Created in After Effects and exported with the Bodymovin plugin.Total file size <1.2MB.
"IO Stipple Effect" We wanted to convey data as something fluid and organic, that can generate a full, 3-dimensional understanding of an audience. 

The IO stipple pattern is a text-to-binary translation of the statement "Wagawin Bringing Ads To Life"
Submenus were repurposed as a floating guided tour and pinned to the bottom of the viewport. This allowed new visitors to explore the site freely without ever losing their place in the sales journey.
Mockup animated infographics for the mobile version of the website.
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